Sell My Home

Sell My Home Sell My Home

Rachel McGrath and Debbie Keilin say that the secret to their CoastWise success is that "We sell with our hearts. People get that. We have a reputation for that. But there some things we always ask our sellers to consider doing to make it that much easier for us to market their homes...."

  1. Price your home fairly. CoastWise will certainly help with that, but many times people want to overprice their home, preparing for home buyers to counter with a lower price. That tactic can backfire. Some buyers may be put off, thinking you're not really serious about selling. Talk with us. Let us know what room you have to negotiate. Then, let us get the best price we can for you.
  2. Curb appeal. It's the first impression a buyer will have of your home and you only get one of those. Make it a good one by doing the yardwork, plant some colorful flowers, trim the bushes. If your home needs an exterior paint job, this is the time for it.
  3. Fifi and Fido have to go. Not forever. But if you're having an Open House for example, put your pets up in a pet spa for the day. Hide all evidence that you even have pets. Don't send buyers on their way with fur balls clinging to their clothes. No food bowls, chew toys, or cat boxes.
  4. Lighten up. Not your mood—your home's. Light and airy and breezy is what people want in a home. Clean the windows, open the drapes or get new ones, trim the bushes in front of your windows. Use brighter bulbs in your fixtures and your lamps.
  5. Go easy on the upgrades. A fresh new coat of paint on the inside—in neutral colors—can work magic. New cabinet hardware, doorknobs, clean the grout. Avoid huge overhauls now. Chances are good that you will not recoup the expense. CoastWise can recommend a strategy here.
  6. Except for the kitchen. Some say it's not really your home you're selling, but your kitchen. At the very least, the importance of doing what you can to bring your kitchen more in line with current standards cannot be overstated. If your appliances are dated, consider adding at least one impressive new, stainless steel appliance—it will lift the impression of all the others. Clean the tile, the granite, the grout. Spending a few thousand here may keep a buyer from reducing his offer by ten thousand.
  7. Store some stuff. If you're like most people, you have too much "stuff" in your home. Thin it out by a third and store it, furniture, too. Get rid of the knickknacks and family photos. Take down the pictures on the walls. De-clutter, Think minimalist. Give buyers a chance to visualize their own furniture and "stuff" in place of yours. Again, CoastWise can help with some suggestions.
  8. Clean your closets and pack up half your clothes. People will open closet doors. So, let them see tidiness and lots and lots of closet space.
  9. Be ready to show your home on a moment's notice. That means keep your home as spotless as you can. Hire a company to do a really deep clean then keep it that way. Bathrooms should sparkle. No dishes piling up in the sink. Have someplace you can go, if possible, so buyers can feel more at ease to wander about—opening your closets—without feeling like they're intruders.
  10. Don't take it personally. Easier said than done, we know. But, as deeply personal and close to your heart as your home is, selling it is a business and not an exchange of pleasantries between friends. Talk to us. Voice your opinions and concerns. And trust us to do you and your home justice when it comes to signing a contract.