Spruce Creek Fly-In

Added on March 19, 2018

Spruce Creek Fly-In 7FL6 is home to approximately 438 aircraft including single and multi-engines, jets and helicopters, surrounded by over 1,300 homes, an airport restaurant, salon, commercial hangars and additional businesses. The newly updated Spruce Creek Country Club offers golf, sports, social and dining memberships. Country Club amenities include championship 18-hole golf course, lighted har-tru tennis courts, pickle ball, casual and fine dining, banquet facilities, fitness center, pool, children's summer camp and a large variety of social activities for both children and adults. The community features 24/7 roving security, river park, recreation areas for children, adults and four legged friends, common grounds and on-site property management. The airport boasts a newly paved 4000 x 176 paved runway with VASI lights, helicopter pad, fuel farm and various aviation businesses. This unique, Fly-In, gated, pet friendly, country club community is conveniently located 15 minutes from Daytona Beach and 1 hour from Orlando.  Contact the CoastWise team of Premier Sotheby's today to find your home or condominium in this diverse, vibrant community!


Infographic: 5 Things To Know Before Selling Your Home

Added on December 8, 2017


Selling your house could be a daunting task as buying it. So, if you are planning to sell your house and not clear how to begin with the process. Through this infographic, you will find some essential selling tips for the homeowners. Now that you are ready to sell your home, it is time to prepare the property for sale. These tips will help each seller to get more chances of grabbing a better deal. There are many sellers who think the home selling process is very easy and doesn't take any preparation. This is not true, in most cases.

Whatever be the reason for selling of a property, there are some things that each seller must always take note before exchanging any finances or signing up on any agreements. Choosing when to sell your home is one of the most crucial financing planning decision that will have a lasting impact on your journey to financial independence.

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Factors to Consider Before Exploring Houses for Sale in Port Orange FL

Factors to Consider Before Exploring Houses for Sale in Port Orange FL

Added on October 25, 2017

In the past years, the real estate boom of Florida has surged the popularity of coastal properties. If you also dream of residing in a beautiful community close to the sea, you can opt for the houses for sale in Port Orange FL. It is graced with a pleasant climate and a metropolitan lifestyle. It is where the desirable Spruce Creek Fly-in Community is also located. The strategic location and facilities of this region are a major factor for investing in the local properties. The renting potential of Port Orange can offer you great revenue earning, especially during the Race week, Bike week and the holiday season when rental rates are sky-high. This idyllic community offers a lot of recreational activities. Whether you look forward to buying a home for your prime residence or investment, here are the factors that you should consider:

1. The Financing Options:

The home buying process is largely influenced by your credit profile. The aspects like size of the home, its location, and amenities depend on the credit history. In this regard, it is important to have a clear credit history. Clear previous debts and pay all your installments regularly. Check your complete credit profile for ay errors. There are lending companies that will offer you down payment assistance in Port Orange. You should assess all your financing options before searching for an ideal home.

2. The Ideal Home:

The thriving community of Port Orange offers numerous options to the homebuyers. However, this selection should be based on your personal preferences and family needs. If you have a picture of an ideal home in your mind, you should take the services of an experienced realtor in the region. They can help you find the best houses for sale in Port Orange FL that fits your vision. Here, you should tell them your priorities like security, proximity to schools, the neighborhoods, amenities, or any other factors.

3. Home Inspections:

Buying the perfect home is not easy. There's a lot to be contemplated. To avoid potential mistakes, you should rely on the experience of your realtor and home inspections. The locally-based real estate agents possess good knowledge of the community and they can closely check the documentation related to the properties. Your Realtor will be able to help carefully review the disclosure documents for any concerns.

Whenever you are planning to buy a home in this wonderful location, you should prefer hiring the best realtor having a profound experience of the local realty markets. They can understand your needs and find the homes that suffice them. Follow all these points when investing in a new home.


The Process For Buying A Home in Florida

The Process For Buying A Home in Florida

Added on September 29, 2017

The real estate market of Florida is flourishing with many celebrities and well-known people heading to its beachfront locations. Buying a home in this thriving community can be extremely daunting for home seekers. Whether you are looking for your first home or a second vacation home, you need the help of experts like Rachel McGrath to find the home of your dreams. She is a well-known realtor working in areas like Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Spruce Creek Fly-in, Ormond Beach, and New Smyrna Beach. Consulting an expert like her is the wisest decision to be made when purchasing a home. In fact, you should always find a Realtor that has experience and intense knowledge of the local real estate market.

When buying a home in Florida, you should understand the steps that need to be taken. Be sure to check off the below steps when searching for a home:

The Pre-Approval for Mortgage:

You need to understand your ability to afford a home before applying for a mortgage. You should be realistic when making these estimates. In this regard, you should ask the Realtors if they have acquaintances with reliable lenders in this area. Their recommendations can help a lot.

Look for the Perfect Home:

After this approval, you should go shopping for the perfect home you've been dreaming of. There are many properties available for sale in this market. You can utilize your Realtor for recommendations of neighborhoods that suit your lifestyle preferences. Always, invest in a home that satisfies your personal demands and requirements.

Find the Lender:

The types of finances available are also overwhelming. The best way to find your financer is comparing the interest rates, fees, and charges levied by each lender. This comparison can save a lot of money and once again, you should turn to Rachel McGrath and her partner.

Quote Your Offer Price:

After finding the perfect home and a lending company to fund your purchase, you should make your offer to the existing home owner. Never make an irrational offer. Ask your Realtor to help determine the offer price. This is an important step in the home buying process because the future terms of purchase will be largely affected by the price that you are paying for a property.

The Settlement:

The settlement or Escrow is an intimidating process. Here, you need the help of your Realtor to handle the documentation work and legalities of this process. There are aspects like home insurance, legal representation, title, etc, that must be settled beforehand. You should rely on an experienced Realtor for these purposes.

These are the methods to be followed for buying a home in Florida with the help of trusted Realtors like Rachel and Debbie.


Buy the Best Properties in Port Orange, FL

Buy the Best Properties in Port Orange, FL

Added on September 19, 2017

Buying a house is a momentous occasion for everyone. People in most cases want to purchase a house for long term use. It is therefore imperative to pay attention to all details when purchasing a home. One small area that you may not notice while buying your home could turn out to be a fatal mistake.

There are many things that you need to consider when buying a home for yourself and your family. The location of the premise is one of the biggest factors influencing the purchase of a house. It is a decision that you have to make by your preference. While some people like the city life there are others who enjoy the quiet of the suburbs.

When buying the house of your dreams one thing that is very important is choosing the right real estate agent and real estate company. If you have a truly dedicated real estate agent, then half your problems are solved as they will do all they can to find a property that suits your specifications. Today, lets focus specifically on the homes for sale in Port Orange FL.

Real Estate Agents

As mentioned above, getting dedicated real estate agents is half the battle when it comes to buying a home. The Coastwise Team has some of the best and most unwavering real estate agents. They are committed to finding you the best properties in the Port Orange region. They are very organized in their approach from the very beginning and do a great job walking you through the process. They ask for in-depth details about your preferences and only show you those properties which may be suitable for you. There will be numerous different homes for sale that you will choose from. The Coastwise Team will give you various options like homes and condos to choose from.

About Port Orange Properties

This beautiful yet practical community's location is one of the best features that it has to offer. It is in between interstate 95 and the Intracoastal Waterway. It is the home of the elite Spruce Creek Fly-in community and The Coastwise Team has been doing business in this area for the last 30 years. As a result of this, Rachel McGrath and Debbie Keilin know this place better than anyone else. They will be able to help you through the entire process of buying a house in this region.

Wide Variety of Options

When working with The Coastwise Team you will only see the best properties available in the Port Orange area specifically tailored to fit your needs. They also give you the most extensive range of choices. All the properties that will be shown to you by these real estate experts have been scrutinized to ensure that you do not end up buying properties which are anything less than perfect. The options that the real estate experts will show also depend upon the budget that you set for yourself.

Contact The Coastwise Team for a tour if you are looking for homes for sale in Port Orange FL. They are dedicated to finding you the most suitable home at the best price possible.


The Rewards of Owning A Florida Beach House

The Rewards of Owning A Florida Beach House

Added on August 18, 2017

How do you feel about moving to a home that is parked right on the beach? In Florida, you can do just that! A lavish home by the beautiful ocean is certainly a big change in lifestyle for any person. Here are some of the great benefits to living on the sandy beach.

1. The best attractions are right around the corner.

When you live on the beach, you are living where others desire to be year-round. The year-round attractions include restaurants, shops, and amusement parks. While some tourists only visit these places once a year, you can visit any time! An evening of thrills, fun, delicious seafood, or some primitive souvenirs are within your reach with no plane tickets required. Be sure to look for houses for sale in Ormond Beach so that you can enjoy all of these recreations year-round.

2. The beach beats the city any day.

It may be nice to live or build a home on the beach for one simple reason, the city is literally behind you. With that in mind, you do not have to worry about the daily occurrences of congested city streets, sanitation issues, or the probability of crime being committed. The calm blue ocean can help you ease your mind, and it definitely is better than being stuck in traffic. With the lovely ocean in your direction, and your back facing the city skyline, you're disconnected from the many problems that we face today. And of course, you cannot go to the city for great views of the ocean, whether it is sunrise or sunset.

3. You get numerous guests.

People who want to enjoy the beach come from all over the country. It can be extremely fascinating to hear about where tourists venture from, as it is fascinating for them to learn about living on the shore. You may even come across some celebrities every now and then, many of which retire to Florida because of its fantastic weather and scenery.


What Is The Best Approach To Finding Houses For Sale In Ormond Beach?

What Is The Best Approach To Finding Houses For Sale In Ormond Beach?

Added on July 24, 2017

In the East Coast region of Central Florida, Ormond Beach is a wonderful community that has an incredible climate and a thriving lifestyle. This region is attracting home buyers who prefer a beautiful home nestled in the lap of nature and decked out with contemporary amenities. However, finding a home on your own can be daunting.

Hence, you should hire a Realtor to help you in this quest. With their experience and understanding of the local realty market, these real estate agents can find the best houses for sale in Ormond Beach as needed by you. Explained below is the entire procedure of buying a home in this area:

Find a Realtor:

Though you may find it odd, this is the way to go. You should begin your home search with this step. It is crucial because a real estate professional is the best person to tell you everything about the local community, facilities, amenities, and local infrastructure. Here, it is equally important to navigate through the multitude of options available for buying a home. Most importantly, professionals can guide you in evaluating your financial options as well.

Find Pre-Approval for Mortgage:

If you need an estimate of the probable cost of a home and your ability to afford it, you should opt for mortgage pre-approval. Using this information, you can easily negotiate the price of a home. Here again, your Realtor can help by finding the most reliable lenders locally.

Find A Home:

Now, start searching for a home as per your requirements. There are ample houses for sale in Ormond Beach. But, before you proceed to buy, you should consult a Realtor to learn more about the current realty trends and property values. This market can be truly volatile. Hence, prefer working with experienced real estate professionals such as Rachel and Debbie.

Find a Financer:

You need to understand the type of finances available for buying a home in Ormond Beach. You need to assess your needs and find the best lender after comparing the fees and interest rates of each home. It can induce better savings and facilitate a hassle-free home buying experience.  

Buy Your Home:

After you find a home and financing to purchase it, you should strongly consider making an offer. But, you need to be realistic when doing so. The terms should be reasonable.

Finally, you need to complete the paperwork and close the deal. The settlement of any home buying process is an essential step. This is the time when you need the expertise of a professional Realtor. They can help in finding and buying a home that serves your personal needs.


Expert Realtor: This Is What Professionals Do

Expert Realtor: This Is What Professionals Do

Added on June 28, 2017

Having to handle property dealing is such a complex issue which requires meticulous planning. It also needs efficient handling of all the legal matters to make the deal legal and secure from every aspect. It's impossible to possess knowledge of legal intricacies if you're an ordinary person. When dealing with matters concerning property, you need the assistance of an expert realtor. It will enable you to make the property transaction hassle-free and legal.

Here's why

An expert realtor knows all that it takes to be successful in the real estate market she is operating in. Therefore when you're buying or selling a property, a professional realtor can make suggestions on the best way to avoid losses from the deal. A realtor is a right person with knowledge of the intricacies of handling property sales. She executes your deal through mitigating the required legal and formal requirements. It saves you a lot of money, time, and energy. Thus, you're able to enjoy your purchase or sale with a better shape of mind.

When having a property for sale, it's not that easy to get a prospective buyer by yourself. A wise one will always go for a realtor's recommendation on purchasing a property because of her knowledge in the industry. The idea of a property on sale is to let the buyer know all about its condition. Unless you utilize the service of a reputed real estate agent, it is impossible to give maximum exposure for the on sell property. Assistance and recommendations of a professional realtor is essential in the property selling process.

That's not all

Even if you were to buy property, you should always seek the expert and professional assistance of a trade realtor. For example, if you plan to purchase a property in places like East Volusia, Port Orange, or Daytona Beach, you then have to request assistance from realtors like Rachel McGrath. You can overview sites with properties placed on ready for sale. Browsing the realtor's website is a great way to sort out some of the best recommendations of properties to purchase. If you notice a property you like, for further negotiation, you should get in touch with your realtor. She will assist you with finalizing the deal.

There are other scenarios where you should always consult a Realtor for suggestions. Like the case when you're buying foreclosure homes. Professional realtors who are members of bodies like Daytona Beach Area Association of REALTORS are the best choice to seek advice from on the buying transaction of foreclosures. If you have made up your mind to buy any foreclosure home from Daytona Beach, make sure your realtor belongs to the top1 percent. She will be able to give you consultation and advice on the best way to handle purchase deals of this nature.

Realtors are the backbone of the real estate industry. They help to mitigate against any bad deals and ensure that all parties go away happy at the end of the deal. Thus, when you're thinking of handling any property agreement, an expert realtor should be on your speed dial.


All About Florida

All About Florida

Added on June 14, 2017

The Most Interesting Communities in Florida

Florida has long been a beacon for those who want just a little bit more out of life. It offers everything from some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world to some of the most diverse cityscapes anywhere. This is why it should come as no surprise that Florida houses an incredibly eclectic and interesting group of people.

You can do almost anything in Florida. With the right transportation and a good plan, you can visit immense state parks- and still have time to enjoy an evening partying with some edgy nightlife. There is so much more here than aging retirees and seasonal snow birds. Florida is home to a plethora of endangered species, and has wildlife unlike that of anywhere else in the world.

Many people believe that living on the coast is way too expensive. This is another Florida myth. There's something available here in nearly every price range, and even luxury homes are affordable in the right areas. There are many houses for sale in Port Orange, Florida- which also happens to be a fun mix of people and hobbies. Check out some of these communities that bring a little something more to the standard neighborhood:


This is a fascinating little fishing village near Port St. Joe that has the feel of a small northern coastal town. The locals are famous for their incredible hospitality, and their passion for seafood. In this town you can join them in fishing for the best foods the ocean has to offer. This is a true small town experience, complete with diving for oysters. The locals will help you to cook your freshly caught food, and entertain you with stories. Feel at home while on vacation in this quaint community.


This is a little piece of Scotland in the heart of Florida. Dunedin embraces its heritage while still celebrating all of the best features that Florida has to offer. This town is famous for their annual Scottish celebrations, and authentic foods. Nearby, are what are considered some of the most beautiful beaches in the state. This small town is definitely a win win for anyone looking for an interesting cultural dynamic.


This is one community famous for its ability to entertain. In Gulfport, there are a variety of festivals and community celebrations that take place year round. This has made it a particularly popular attraction for those who enjoy having a community centered activity all of the time.


This is a fairly unremarkable town, but made the list for one of its quirkiest and tiniest attractions. Carrabelle boasts the world's smallest police station. Situated on a street in this small town is a phone booth that doubles as a base for law enforcement. This is also a town known for its ideal RV locations, with plenty of scenic stops along the way.


This town is tiny by any standards, with a last recorded population of less than 500. But, Ona certainly draws a large number of tourists. This is due to the huge replica of a medieval castle that sprawls throughout the swamplands. This castle is an actual piece of art created by the world renowned sculptor, Howard Solomon. The entire castle spans over 12,000 square feet, and currently stands over three stories high. Solomon may continue to add on to his masterpiece in the future. Pictures are difficult due to the exterior- which is covered with aluminum. Not only is this attraction huge, it's also incredibly shiny! The castle now holds other pieces of Solomon's art, and acts as a beacon within the community.


Annual Christmas Bazaar at Spruce Creek Country Club November 19, 2016

Annual Christmas Bazaar at Spruce Creek Country Club November 19, 2016

Added on October 24, 2016

Mark your calendars!!!  The annual Christmas Bazaar and bake sale held at the Spruce Creek Country Club is set for November 19, 2016 from 9:30AM - 3:00PM.  This is the perfect time to meet some extremely talented local artists. 


Spruce Creek Fly-In Community Emergency Response Team Training

Spruce Creek Fly-In Community Emergency Response Team Training

Added on October 24, 2016

The Spruce Creek Fly-In Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) participated in a three day training conference by the Florida CERT in Central Florida. There were 19 members who went through the rigorous basic training and three members that received additional advanced training.

The participants donate their time and energy to assist their community in the event a disaster occurs and first responders are not immediately available. In addition to basic skills and knowledge, members gained the important understanding of how crucial teamwork, communication and mindfulness are in preparing for emergencies.

Some of the training segments included how to safely extinguish small fires, medical aspects such as triage, treatment and transport. On the final day, a mock disaster was held at the Volusia County Fire Training Center where they put all the skills learned to valuable use.

The residents of Spruce Creek Fly-In are eternally grateful for this group of individuals who are present and ready to step in when the need arises. Little did they know when training concluded in late August, they would be called on to help the Community prepare for hurricane Matthew. Fortunately, we were spared the worst but this team made sure we were prepared on the front end and that we were safe after the fact. We owe this team our thanks and salute them.


Community Dog Park Grand Opening

Added on May 20, 2016

What:     Community Dog Park ~ Grand Opening Celebration!

When:    Friday, June 3, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

Where:  Adjacent to Halifax Humane Society located at 2634 LPGA Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32124

Humans and well behaved leashed pets welcome.

For additional information visit  http://


Children's Recreation Committee to Host Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Children's Recreation Committee to Host Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Added on May 20, 2016

Attention Spruce Creek Residents!

From the Desk of Jill Kelly,

Spruce Creek Friends, I have recently jumped feet first into chairing the Spruce Creek Children's Recreation Committee. Some of you may have noticed that it has been inactive for some time, but there is a small group of ladies attempting to change that, with a primary focus on our community. Said differently, activities and events for the children, but not all about the children.

First event on deck: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony @ SC Playground - Tues., Jun 7 (4pm-6pm), to include:

  • Brief ribbon cutting ceremony for our new playground shade (which many of you contributed to over the years with large and small donations to the CRC)
  • Kona Ice Truck - sno-cones for all!
  • Play for ALL ages (young and young-at-heart) ... it is a "play" ground after all

 Of course, the playground and other games will be there for the children, but we are also attempting big kid games (volleyball, croquet, corn-hole, ...) to be carried out on the huge lawn there. Will you join me? I am not looking for volunteers or contributions - just smiling participants. Oh, and maybe a Jetmobile if Paul and Susie Holmes are in town!

Tell all your Spruce Creek friends & hope to see you there!


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