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How to Stage a Home Like a Professional Without a Professional Budget

Added on November 15, 2019

Imagine taking a picture of your home right now and using it to advertise on a realty website. Now imagine having an open house and inviting guests into your home in its current state. If these hypotheticals make you a little uncomfortable, you're not alone. It's impossible to keep an active home pristine unless you want to be cleaning around the clock. As a result, you'll have to take some time to stage your home for photos and open houses. Here are some professional tips for sellers staging their home in a pinch.

Benefits of staging a home. 

Staging is all about making your home appealing to attract potential buyers. With a successful open house and clean photos, you can bring about a sense of elegance and perfection that is especially inviting to those looking to buy. A good staging can create more traffic online and in real life. With more exposure, you'll receive more bids on your home. The increased competition can even drive up the price that people are willing to pay. In order to get the best results, focus on your home's best features and let natural lighting play its role. 

Remove any and all personal items.

Buyers aren't interested in how your home looks with your personalized touches and decorations. Leaving family photos and other personal belongings visible can make buyers feel awkward and uncomfortable. You need to remove these personal items to make the house more generic and welcoming. This will give potential buyers a chance to envision their own personal touches in the home.

Place larger items in the attic.

During an open house, your home should feel, well, open. Buyers should be able to comfortably walk between each room and wander around without feeling cramped. The best way to obtain this open concept is to place any large, unnecessary pieces of furniture in your attic. Extra couches, bulky dressers, standing mirrors, and anything that would crowd your home should be taken out for photos or an open house.

Dust and vacuum thoroughly.

A dirty home isn't going to appeal to any homebuyer. You need to thoroughly clean your entire home for an open house. If you're just taking photos, you can get by with just cleaning the rooms in the pictures, but you'll still need to clean later when it's time for showings. Make sure to dust every surface and vacuum the carpet and rugs. If you have hardwood floors, sweeping will be enough. Your goal should be to make your home appear unused and clean. 

Stage your home like a magazine. 

On any given day, your home is designed for comfort rather than elegance. Pillows are thrown around the room, blankets are unfolded, towels are in a heap, and the furniture is askew. While this arrangement is comfortable for living, it doesn't bode well for you when trying to attract potential buyers. When you stage a home, you should organize everything as if it were going to be placed in a magazine. Everything should be staged to look great rather than for comfort. 

Organize all of your clutter.

Clutter is the ugly symptom of a disorganized home. It's hard to move around and relax in a home that has stuff scattered everywhere. Even though you don't give it much thought during a busy day, you can rest assured buyers will notice. Removing all of the clutter from your home is an essential step in preparing for pictures or an open house. If you can't find a place for everything, you may want to consider getting rid of some items permanently or renting out a storage unit. On the bright side, this would make your move into the new home that much easier.

With a properly staged home, you're increasing your chances of selling the property. Potential buyers want to see a clean and welcoming home where they can see themselves living. As a seller, you need to reach these expectations if you hope to get top dollar.


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