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Smart decisions come down to choices. Make the right one and you look like a genius. Make the wrong one... Well; the good news is that when you choose CoastWise, you get two of the East Coast's most experienced real estate professionals - in one. Rachel McGrath and Debbie Keilin each have over 30 years in the business and have built a formidable reputation throughout Volusia County for excellent service and even better results. Today, they are re-defining themselves as CoastWise and an integral part of Premier Sotheby's International Realty. If you are about to enter the real estate market - as a homebuyer or seller - you would be wise to give them a call.


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How to Stage a Home Like a Professional Without a Professional Budget

Imagine taking a picture of your home right now and using it to advertise on a realty website. Now imagine having an open house and inviting guests into your home in its current state. If these hypotheticals make you a little uncomfortable, you're not alone. It's impossible to keep an…

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Searching for Accessibility: House Hunting Tips for Individuals with Disabilities

Searchingfor an accessible home when you're living with a disability can be a long andfrustrating process, especially when you're on a budget or trying to make plansfor the future. Figuring out what your specific needs are can be difficult in anew home, so it's crucial that you think…

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Spruce Creek Fly-In

Spruce Creek Fly-In 7FL6 is home toapproximately 438 aircraft including single and multi-engines, jets andhelicopters, surrounded by over 1,300 homes, an airport restaurant, salon,commercial hangars and additional businesses. The newly updated Spruce CreekCountry Club offers golf, sports,…

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